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Free agency, trade’s, and the NFL Draft: Moves the Cleveland Browns should make

Browns are trying to stack up on picks. They want 4 to 6 more picks?In 2016, head coach Hue Jackson was one of, if not the hottest coaching candidates, in the NFL world. Considered a quarterback guru of sorts, and an offensive minded genius, his name would be brought up in just about every available coaching situation. So, when the Cleveland Browns, had the open seat, it was no surprise that they came calling. Fast forward two seasons and the seemingly cursed franchise has gone a disappointing 1-31, never seem to get out of its own way. The interesting thing about the Browns’, is that they do not seem to be as bad as the record shows. It isn’t like they are getting blown out, or haven’t been competitive. When you look at the roster, you see a team rife with talent, from head to toe. Filled with previous first round picks, and blue-chip prospects, the Brown’s (on paper), seem to have one of the best talent farms in the NFL.

Many have tried, but all have seemed to fail, when it comes to coaching, and creating a winner in Cleveland. The problem is that the front office always seemed to give up on the ones trying. So keeping Hue Jackson, on as head coach was probably the best move the teams brass could of done. With all this being said, even when you look at all the losing, you see a team that has the potential to be a dominant force sooner than later. We decided to look at all the upcoming events (free agency, trades, and the draft), and figure out some of the best moves the team could make. To take them from the league cellar to league leaders.

Trades (Draft)- It has been sort of a running joke, that the Brown’s front office has traded a lot of draft picks, just to add more picks. Which in essence has helped, they have brought in a lot of talent, and on the other hand, they have missed a lot of those picks. Well, this year should be different, the Brown’s should be calling the New York Giants, and moving up to acquire the second pick this year. I know, I get it! they already have the top pick. True, they do, but getting the second pick, would guarantee them, they get the QB they covet this year and RB Saquon Barkley. Adding Barkley, to an already pretty solid offensive line, would go a long way in helping the development, of there young QB choice. At the same time, they would be adding arguably the best running prospect, since Adrian Peterson.

Another trade the team should invest in is a corner. The league has been surprisingly active in this early offseason, seeing the chiefs trade away, their QB in Alex Smith (Redskins), and young star CB Marcus Peters. The Brown’s should get on the wagon, and start pulling the trigger on some talent. Their defense has talent at all three levels, but the need for corner help sticks out like a sore thumb. Reaching a deal with the Seattle Seahawks (always looking to trade), for all-pro Richard Sherman, or Denver Bronco’s, Aquib Talib, would give the team a veteran star to lean on. Although the two examples are a bit older, their play hasn’t fallen off much. Both with the talent, to be a true number 1 CB, on any team. Having a player of there caliber would help the back end of there defense, especially with the their talented front.

Free agency- The Brown’s always seem to have cap space, and ton’s of it. It is time to use it, on both sides of the ball. Starting with another corner, they should go after Trumaine Johnson, to play on the other side of the field. I am more then sure, Johnson wants to be paid like a number 1 corner, so the Brown’s should oblige him. Knowing that he will eventually become their top man, in a few years, should be assurance enough to pull the trigger on a deal.

Also in free agency, teaming WR Sammy Watkins, up with monster wide-out Josh Gordon, and potential star Corey Coleman would give their young QB one of the best receiving rooms in the league. Add it all to a young stud at TE (David Njoku), and the Brown’s could have one hell of a passing attack.

NFL Draft- Earlier we spoke about the team acquiring the 2nd overall pick, ensuring they can select the quarterback they want, along with (arguably the best player in the draft) Saquon Barkley. Adding a talent like Barkley, to the potential trio of Watkins, Gordon, and Coleman would make this offense a nightmare, for opposing defenses.

Adding depth to their offensive line (especially the right tackle), would be the next big move. Having a litany of draft picks will come in handy, seeing that even after sending some away for the 2nd overall pick, and a corner. They will still be in prime position to draft a stud on the right side. Connor Williams(Texas), Tyrell Crosby(Oregon), Martinas Rankins (Mississippi State) , are just a few ideas of the talent that could be there for the Brown’s. While they are on the subject of depth, finding an OLB, and youth at CB would also be a great move.

It’s time to get the QB situation right and draft UCLA’s, Josh Rosen. The young gunslinger has had all sorts of negative talk about him (Injury issue’s, attitude problem’s, etc.) but the truth is, all players get hurt, and his teammates at UCLA, all seem to love him (Maybe some issues here and there). Despite the talk, Rosen has the look of a future star and franchise QB. A position the Cleveland Brown’s, have failed to figure out for years. He can make all the throws, has the leadership quality you need to lead men, and is the winner the team needs. Drafting him would be the final move to secure the team, no more 0-16 seasons.

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