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If you owned a major marketing firm, what player target as most marketable?

Who do you feel is the most marketable player in the NFL?

I love football and I love marketing. I have been sitting here looking at the Odell Beckham Jr. deal with Nike and it blows my mind.  Odell Beckham Jr. will make 5 million dollars from Nike over the next five years to wear their product, and likely make commercials.  I want to know if you were over a major marketing firm who would you pick as your most marketable player. 

I personally went through every roster to try to find a guy that I feel would be a great player to market with.  I went on every team and came up with some good final prospects, but in the end I came up with one guy I feel would be the best marketing player to represent the NFL. I want to know who you would pick though. 

At first, I thought of the stars in the NFL.  I looked at quarterbacks first.  They are the face of a Franchise.  You have Big Ben who has a huge following, the guy is tough as nails but he has had some cases in the past, that are similar to red flags which pop up. I don’t think Eli could push product as good as his brother. Tom Brady is a beast, has the looks is a winner, but also has been labeled as a cheater by people. I love Philip Rivers, but he is not in a big enough market to make you the money. You have some good quarterbacks that have not hit the GREAT level yet like Dak Prescott, Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, Carson Wentz, and others. Aaron Rodgers could be a good marketing guy as well because Packers fans are everywhere. I believe you would have to market with a quarterback, because they are the face of the franchise.

Other positions that could be the face of the Franchise are RB’s and WR’s. Let’s face it they have to be playmakers if you want to sell product.  At running back Ezekiel Elliott would be a great sale, but he has only ran wild for one year.  Le’Veon Bell and Lesean McCoy have both had their run ins with the law, so I wash them out. There is not a running back in the league anymore that people fear like they did with Beast mode and Adrian Peterson, so I feel outside of Zeke the running back market is not going to be a good push for marketing.

At the wide out position there are some studs.  Guys like Jordy Nelson come to mind, but he is very shy. You do not see much in national media about him. Same with Alshon Jeffrey. The guys who are always in the media are guys like Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr.  While I think Beckham Jr. is a pretty marketable guy, he can be annoying. Amari Cooper is a quiet guy, while Antonio Brown could be another great option. I think Wide Outs make sense, and if I was a marketing guy, I would be down between two guys on offense.  

If I had to market with a player, my pick would be either Derek Carr of the Raiders or Antonio Brown of the Steelers.

I feel Antonio Brown is a stud and a playmaker. The guy shows up week in and week out in a major market, while Derek Carr is the future of the NFL. I expect him to have a ring on his finger very soon. Add in the fact that both are in huge markets, they are classy guys with amazing backgrounds. 

Other guys around the league I think would be amazing at marketing are Khalil Mack, Von Miller, and Eric Berry.

I want to know who you feel is the most marketable player in the NFL? 

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