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Sports Rucks Sports Awards: Worst of 2014 NFL-Edition

Sports Rucks Sports Awards: Worst of 2014 NFL-Edition
By: Jesse Peel Twitter: @jpsportsruckus

So the year has finally come to an end and we are about to hit the playoffs. As every TV station, newspaper and website puts out their year-end awards we at Sports Ruckus figured we would do the same. The only problem is my partners left this to me and I have a tendency to be sarcastic so I couldn’t do one like everyone else. With that being said…sit back, relax and enjoy….or hate me…whatever strikes your mood.

M.U.P (Most Unavailable Player): Sam Bradford, QB-Rams

This one almost went to the weak ankle/fragile ego RG3 but then I remembered Sam Bradford is still on the Rams payroll. Has any guy been paid more money to do nothing and watch football? Maybe Chris Collinsworth…that’s debatable. Bradford got hurt in week 2…of the preseason. And he made $17 million this year alone. He’s played 7 regular season games in 2 years. Let that sink in for a bit.

Worst Offensive Player: Johnny Manziel, QB-Browns

With all of the hype around Johnny Football starting at QB we all figured we would at least get a rushing TD or some crazy highlight. What we got was a game that had the stench of a burp after eating corn chips. And we all made the same face. He had a 27.3 QBR. If he took the ball and threw it in the stands every snap he would’ve had a better rating…literally. Don’t laugh Bengals fans…

Worst Defensive Player: Bradley Fletcher, CB-Eagles

Look up Bradley Fletcher and you will find a picture of a trash bag. Fletcher literally had bad quarterbacks searching him out. Fletcher couldn’t find the ball with a map, GPS and a guide dog. It was actually depressing watching him play football…or whatever he was doing.

Mr. Oblivious: Johnny Manziel, QB-Browns

I swear this almost went to Calvin Pryor of the Jets after he said “We’re the best 3-12 team in the history of football”. Then I thought about Rex and his Superbowl predictions (what’s with the Jets??) Then it became clear-the drunken party picture, the bathroom picture with the rolled up bill, the recent party issue-the list goes on. I won’t even mention his college years. Yet he still tells us he’s maturing. Yeah…ok. It actually makes sense when you think back to the report that a homeless man convinced Browns owner Jimmy Haslam to take this headache. Have fun with that Cleveland.

Ugliest Uniforms: Steelers 1934 Throwback, Pittsburgh Steelers
I honestly thought my TV was stuck on some weird nature channel. Then I realized it was a Steelers game. Then I lost faith in humanity. The best picture of that jersey was actually from a year or two ago. Isaac Redman wore it and took a picture of it in the bathroom…which is right where that jersey should be left.

Worst Coach: Rex Ryan-Jets
He was 4-12 this year. 50-52 in 6 years. He has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey on his arm. The last one was the worst.

Moving on…
Most Overrated Player: Vernon Davis, TE-49ers

This could’ve easily went to Jay Cutler but he really wouldn’t have cared so neither should i. But honestly at least I was aware he was on the field. At one point Vernon Davis made a catch and I thought “he’s still in the league???” Here are his receiving yardage stats from the past 5 years including this year. 914 yards, 792 yards, 548 yards, 850 yards…this year…245 yards! He outgained Bruce Miller by 56 yards and Bruce Miller is a full back. I wouldn’t know who Bruce Miller was if he was in a 2 person lineup and he had a shirt on that said “Hi…I’m Bruce Miller”.

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