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What the NFL means by character? – Sports Psychologist Robert Price Answers

elitemindssportslogoWhat the NFL means by character?

When we think about character many pictures come to mind. More importantly we have visions of who we are when we are at our best. The issue that many of us have is when we are not at our best we presume no one is watching. As we are critical of our stars we must always take a step back and say where we were when we were in fact in our mid-twenties. This reality never changes the facts about the behavior but it brings it into perspective. It also does not normalize their behaviors and poor decisions. We all know inherently what is right from wrong like domestic violence, fathering multiple children, using illegal substances and more importantly murder.

The National Football League has fallen short on the values of what a man is and should be as they are looking to protect the shield. By doing so they have neglected the true focus…the players and their families. The company is only as successful as the product and the players are the product. If we are objective enough the NFL’s product has gotten better over the years which have led to its popularity. Other sports have also reaped benefits from having great products which galvanize the fans and communities that they touch.

Understanding that each team is its own company also allows us to truly understand that not everyone has the same core values for the products that they are looking to invest in. When an organization can come to an agreement that they are looking for the same special characteristics in their product that team will always be inconsistent at best. Doing this work for over 14 years it is clear to me what NFL character looks like. That is why a team should consist of more Diamonds in the Rough than already polished gems. It often is the hard work factor and we are all familiar with that. Hard work beats Talent every time. If you are willing to fail then you are willing to excel and achieve your authentic performance when the chips are stacked against you.

The author, Robert W.H. Price is founder of Elite Minds, LLC a sport psychology consulting service and psychotherapy private practice that promotes people exceeding their potential in life. This is accomplished through proven mental skills and psychotherapy techniques that will lead the person to a more consistent lifestyle even in the face of adversity. Robert can be reached through

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