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Draft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Mike McClure, LB, Coastal Carolina

MikeDraft Diamonds Prospect Interview: Mike McClure, LB, Coastal Carolina 

How many teams were recruiting you out of high school?

Only 3 schools Charleston Southern, Citadel and Coastal Carolina 

Where did you choose and why?

Coastal because they showed the most interest and gave me the opportunity to play right away.

What were your goals for your senior year?

National championship was the first goal and then being an all conference player along with Big South Defensive Player of Year. 

Have any scouts met with you, and if so what are they saying?

I have not had the opportunity to sit down and talk with any scouts individually but there were scouts from about 10 or more teams at my Pro Day. 

At your position, what separates you from the others?

My speed, athleticism and awareness. Linebackers are known for being big strong guys but not really fast or athletic and I believe that those are qualities I do have. 

Tell us what you look for when breaking down film?

I look for tendencies. Clues from the lineman, quarterback and running back that will allow me to be ahead before the ball is snapped. You will see that I have a nose for the football and that I am always near the ball. You will also see that I am relentless. I try to give 110% on every snap.  

Who was the toughest player you have ever faced?

Cordarrelle Patterson of the Vikings. Being from the same town and being rivals there was no avoiding him 

If you could compare your play to one person in the NFL who would it be?

Luke Kuechly he’s athletic and has great play making ability. He’s a for sure tackler but he can also cover and that’s what type of linebacker I am. 

What was the biggest obstacle in your life you had to overcome, and how did you overcome it?

An obstacle that I have learned to overcome and still facing today is being told I’m to small to do something. I can’t change what God has given me but I can out work and out smart the next man and have confidence to compete with guys way bigger than me and those 3 things have never failed me. I don’t believe size is measured by ruler but its about how you play and I have never faced an opponent that I was not “big” enough to cover.

What system fits your style of play the best?

I definitely think I can play best in a 4-3 scheme because I have the ability to be an outside backer or even an inside linebacker if need be. I can drop into coverage if necessary but also be effective at getting around the end.

What is your biggest strength?

I don’t believe that I have one strength bigger than the rest but I think that I have great speed, athleticism, toughness, leadership and confidence 

What is your biggest weakness?

My size has always been my biggest weakness but I have turned it into a strength by using it to motivate me to work that much harder to be able to compete with anyone because it is a weakness that I cannot change.

If I were a GM and gave you a second to sell yourself, what would you say?

I’m a hard worker I don’t quit and never will quit I carry myself like a man and act like a man. Everything I do will be in the team’s best interest and we both have the same goals in winning a Super Bowl.  

Growing up, who was your role model?

My parents. They taught me that hard work will take you a long way. They work all the time long hours and I never hear them complain about it and that’s why I have the mentality of just go do it and complaining is not going to help to get it done. I couldn’t have asked for better role models.

Who was your favorite team and player in the NFL and why?

Favorite team was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and my favorite player is Terrell Davis who played for the Broncos. He’s the reason I wore #30 from when I first started playing till my senior year in college. 

What was the most tragic event that ever happened in your life and how did you overcome it?

It seem tragic at first but it is truly a blessing now and that was being told I was going to be a father. The thought of still being in school and having to provide for another life with no job was terrifying but she is a blessing and serves as my motivation because I don’t want to let her down. I know that I will work hard in everything that I do including football and after because I want to be a great role model for her like my parents were for me and I want to be able to provide her with opportunities that I did not have growing up. 

If you were to have dinner with three people dead or alive who would it be?

Jesus Christ and my Parents 

With your first paycheck what would you buy?

Pay my tithes in church and just buy what my family needs. 


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