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A Law Enforcement Officers take on Aaron Hernandez’ prison fight

I have been in law enforcement for the past 10 years and I will be honest with you when I read the Aaron Hernandez story I began to laugh.  Not because the guy is a machine and is truly keeping “The Code” so to speak alive in the prison, but because whoever released the information is going to get someone in trouble.

You are probably thinking How could someone get in trouble for a prison fight, that is what happens in a prison.  That is true, but let me explain what a lock down  or segregation unit is.  A segregation unit is a lock down unit that keeps the inmates locked down for 23 hours a day allowing them one hour a day to get out of their cell.  Well whenever a person comes out of their cell in segregation the inmates must be put in hand restraints and escorted by two staff members.  When an inmate is out of the cell, no other inmates can be around unless they have 2 staff members on that individual.

So now let’s replay the situation that has come out with.

Aaron Hernandez was walking down a hall where another inmate was there, and he beat him up pretty badly.

There are tons of problems with these situations, first off, why was Aaron Hernandez just walking down the hall?  Did he have staff members with him? If so was he handcuffed?  If he was handcuffed, does this mean he slipped his cuffs?  If he did, he is a very special individual because that is not easy to do. I have only seen it been done about 10 times in 10 years.  Now, was the other inmate being escorted in this hallway?  If so was he handcuffed?  If he was this means that Hernandez beat a guy that was cuffed, which leads me to my next question….

If the inmate had a problem with Hernandez and continued to pick on him, the officers could have let Hernandez out the cell without cuffs.  I am sure Bristol County has cameras, and if they do, I bet an officer gets in trouble for this incident.  Maybe more than one officer, because there should have been four officers present technically during this event.

Because Hernandez is locked up in segregation under a celebrity status, he is a rec and cell alone, meaning no one can live in the same cell with him, no one can go to the recreation yard with him for that one hour. He has to be separated from all inmates during that time.  So it is really strange when an inmate beats another inmate in the segregation unit, unless the inmate slipped his cuffs or the staff were negligent.  So in this case, don’t be surprised if someone in Bristol County get in trouble, just saying.

P.S. – Inmates why would mess with a guy that trained every day for the past 8 -10 years of his life, who is that tall, and who killed his best friend, shot another guy in the eye, and could be the trigger man for 2 more bodies?  I guess we all know why they are in jail now….

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