Was Marvin Harrsion always living a double life?

Marvin Harrison was in trouble years ago for a shooting in a Philadelphia Car Wash, after he was finished with football. Well now he is in the news again.

According a report from former Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison was shot at while picking up a man in his truck.
Harrison was reportedly driving his pickup truck at about 3:20 a.m. when he saw a man run out of his apartment. The man was running away from two intruders who had broken into his apartment. Harrison allowed the man in his truck and the burglars shot at the direction of the truck.

The report says neither person was injured, but a bullet tore into Harrison’s tires. Harrison handed over the truck tire that was struck to the police.

The biggest question is what were the two men doing to get shot at? It sounds like a bad drug deal. I want to know what you think? Was Marvin Harrison always living a double life?

Do you feel this type of situation is occuring because he is doing bad business or do you feel he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

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