Vikings Jared Allen says the NFL is looking out for offensive players only

On Sunday night, Joe Looney of the San Francisco 49ers threw a block on a defenseless Kevin Williams in which it looks like he purposely dove at the big defensive tackles knees.  Well even though Looney has apologized and said he was not trying to hurt Williams, the Vikings defense has had enough.  Today Jared Allen called out the NFL office, and said they need to be fair.

Vikings defensive leaders Jared Allen and Chad Greenway both called the hit a dirty play and said the league’s focus on player safety seems to hold defensive players to a much different standard than their counterparts on offense.

“I have a problem when we talk about player safety in this league and we have a clear case of a guy intentionally trying to hurt a guy and we do nothing about it,” said Allen, who has been fined several times in the past for hits. “We pat him on the back and say it’s OK.”

I have to agree with the pro bowl defensive end.  The NFL has been relatively poor at calling penalties this pre-season.  How many of you believe that hit was intentional?

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