Tony Romo could have beaten the Broncos but it still wouldn’t have been enough for some

Let me start off by saying, that was a heck of a game yesterday, and I am super proud of the Dallas Cowboys.  Tony Romo was the main reason the Dallas Cowboys were even in the game.  Tony Romo put on a Peyton Manningish performance and was pretty darn impressive.  I don’t care if Romo threw a pick with 2 minutes or not.  How many of YOU so called critics, even had Dallas in competing in this game?  I did, I actually picked the Cowboys and Broncos in the Super Bowl this year.

Romo has been impressive throughout his career, and the performance from yesterday is why he was given a contract extension.  The guy is a competitor, and he put up 48 points with a rookie wide out, and Cole Beasley.  Imagine if the Romo had the weapons like Peyton, He would have won.

The problem is, the media always loves to point their finger at someone, we need a scapegoat.  Well folks if you want a scapegoat, turn to the Dallas defense for allowing 51 points, not the quarterback who put up 48 points.  Romo was a stud yesterday, and I think he deserves to get tons of credit.  Great Game Tony Romo, you threw for the most yards ever in your career, and came closer than any team will come to beating the Broncos.  They were scared to give you the ball back, that is when you know you are an elite quarterback.  If you want to pick on a quarterback, pick on Eli, he has been horrible.

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