Tom Brady wants a nickname like “Matty Ice”

Today during his press conference, New England Patriots future Hall of Fame quarterback started off by saying how “Sweet” the nickname Matty Ice is.  He also went on to say he wish he had a nickname like that.

Tom Brady will face Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday Night in the Georgia Dome.  Brady always shows up on Sunday Nights, but can Matty Ice lead the dirty birds to their second victory of the year?

The Falcons are 7th in the NFL for passing yards per game with 289 yards a game. If the Falcons want a chance to beat the Pats they will need to be able to spread the ball around.  The Patriots have been solid this year with a bunch of guys that are unknown, but by the end of the year Brady will have them playing at All-Pro level, so don’t panic yet.

If you could give Brady a nickname what would you call him?  Let us know on twitter @drocksthaparty

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