The NFL is getting soft, but Is Goodell trying to make it safe, or prevent lawsuits?

You know the NFL is getting soft when you have a kicker open up about it, and say something. David Buehler of the Dallas Cowboys came out back in 2011 stating he felt the NFL was getting soft and he wasn’t lying.

“I think they’re changing the rules too much,” Buehler said on the Ben and Skin Show, via “Football is getting kind of soft with Goodell making all the rule changes and everything like that. Just leave it the way it is.”

I honestly don’t believe that the NFL is getting soft, but rather the NFL is becoming more defensive to protect themselves from major lawsuits. Over the past several years, veteran NFL players have been coming out left and right and saying that they don’t have money, they are losing their minds, and CONCUSSIONS are becoming the number one cause of long term problems. I understand that concussions are serious, but these players know what they are signing up for when the put on the pads. I played football for years, and in my senior year I broke my back, causing me to lose scholarships, and spend several months in a wheelchair. Thankfully, I am able to walk again and be able to play catch with my son and daughter, but are these players just trying to get money, or do they have legitimate reasons?

I have always been a huge football fan, and while I agree the NFL is getting a little soft, I think they are just trying to show that they are trying to use safety precautions. When you look at the NFL you have to expect them to make changes when they are getting sued left and right by past players. I would not be surprised to see the NFL begin to start putting clauses in the contract soon. This will prevent the player to come back later on and sue one of the largest companies in the world.

Goodell will not always make the best decisions, his latest decision to try to cut down on head tackles or contact with the helmet has caused a huge increase in knee injuries. Why do you think that is? I truly believe that if you have guys that are scared to be fined for a clean hit to the upper body, and began tackling at the legs. When you are taught at a young age, the coaches tell you to hit, lift and carry the player into the ground. Now you have players scared to hit and lift, so they are diving at the legs of players who are playing on turf or bad grass conditions. When these players try to make a move to get away from a defender or try to get away from a defender their knees are getting locked up and causing ACL injuries.

The other day the NFL fined Jon Bostic 21,000 dollars for a hit that looked clean, because his helmet made contact with the player. I feel that was a clean hit, he was trying to bring down the ball carry, and while they say the player was defenseless, I disagree. He had the ball and if he is on the field he better be aware of his surroundings. I can understand you hitting a player on a special teams play because he is running looking one direction, but this is a player who had the ball in his hands. I think the NFL is getting a bit overboard, but are they doing because the lawsuits? I would love to hear your input, please Comment at the bottom of the page, or contact us on twitter @DraftDiamonds and lets talk about it.

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