Terrance West had a private work out with the Miami Dolphins last week

The Miami Dolphins might not be finished with the running back position after all.  According to the Baltimore Sun and Aaron Wilson former Towson running back Terrance West had a private work out with the Phins.  West has been a workhorse since entering college for Towson.  West is a workhorse that has carried the team for the past three years. West has a draft diary with Baltimore Sun, and this is from his entry on April 1st.

I had a private workout for the Miami Dolphins this week. It went pretty good.

The Dolphins running backs coach [Jeff Nixon] likes me a lot. He told me I was high on his board of college running backs.

It was Wednesday at Towson. We did board work and met and talked and went over some different plays. It was a good background meeting and we got to know each other.

That would be amazing to be a Dolphin if they were to pick me. That’s a good team. I always liked the Dolphins growing up. They’re building and they need a good running back like myself.

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