Tennessee Titans are still considering letting their coach Mike Munchak walk

Per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean, Titans coach Mike Munchak is “still in limbo.”

“Discussions continue in-house, but no decision made and could still go either way,” Wyatt tweeted before suggesting that Munchak will have to be willing to make changes on his staff in order to stay.

A contract extension is not in play, per Wyatt. That makes staff changes difficult. It’s easy to boot someone. It’s not as easy to replace him as a lame-duck coach, which is what Munchak will be. He’ll only be able to offer one-year deals to new staff members, unless he can give them deals longer than his own.

I expect Munchak to be on the hot-seat to start the season, but honestly if there are not many good coaches out there, it is going to be hard to fill.  The team already has a good feeling about Munchak, and they might play harder for him if they do in fact want him to keep his job.

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