Steelers owner Art Rooney II says team must improve on defense

The Steelers slipped from first in total defense in 2012 to 13th. They also gave up an average of 25 more rushing yards per game while plummeting from second in the NFL to 20th in run defense. The Steelers have always been known for their fericous defense, but lately it has trouble their owner Art Rooney II.

“We need to be better,” the Steelers president said. “There’s no denying that. We weren’t good enough against the run when you look at where we ranked in the league. We weren’t good enough taking the ball away, rushing the passer. There’s things we need to improve on.”

Rooney said the Steelers aren’t in serious salary-cap trouble, but it’s no secret that the organization doesn’t have a lot of room under it, either.

And the cap is only expected to receive a modest bump from the $123 million teams were allowed to use on player salaries in 2013.  Expect the team to let a few veterans walk this season.

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