Remember the name Donte HITNER, because he is selling shirts now to make money for his 21k dollar fine

Donte Whitner is the same player that called out a skinny media guy in Buffalo and wanted to box him because the guy called him out for not playing well.  Well Donte Whitner is back at it again.  This time his target is the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Here was Whitner’s tweet this morning

It’s official…The W is being removed from my last name from Whitner to Hitner…GM

Well both Chris Givens and his teammate Austin Pettis said the hit was clean, so Whitner is appealing his fine of 21k.

@VincentFrankNFL: Just spoke with Austin Pettis of the #Rams. He also believes Whitner’s hit on Givens was clean. @DonteWhitner

Well to help raise funds for the fine, Whitner will be selling T-Shirts. YES T-SHIRTS.

You can buy the #LegalHITNER shirts here. 

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