Ravens LB Adrian Hamilton punishes the Bucs line and QB Mike Glennon

Adrian Hamilton the OLB for the Baltimore Ravens has not had the easiest path to the NFL, but he is playing like he deserves to stay.

Last year, In Hamilton’s first preseason with the Dallas Cowboys, Adrian had several solid performances. One resulted in a sack that would send Rams quarterback Kellen Clemons to the hospital with a concussion.

Well after a very solid training camp, the Dallas Cowboys released Adrian. He wouldn’t last long on the waiver wire. It was a total of four hours, when GM Ozzie Newsome of the Baltimore Ravens contacted Adrian. The rest has been a dream come true, for the All Time single season SWAC sack leader (20.5). After spending 15 weeks on the practice squad, Hamilton was called up for the last couple games and the Playoffs. He remained on the roster through the Super Bowl, and now has a ring.

When I talked to Hamilton before the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game, he understood what he had to do. He told me, “It’s time to grind”. That is exactly what Hamilton did yesterday.

In his first series against the Bucs, Hamilton made his presence felt. On the first play Hamilton, uses a very good move to get pressure on Mike Glennon. On the second play Hamilton levels Glennon as he released the football. The Ravens then sent a blitz which resulted in a huge sack by Hamilton, forcing the Bucs to punt. That punt was also blocked resulting in a Touchdown for the Ravens. Here is the video,.

Hamilton has three more games to prove his worth, but he has wonderful momentum heading into next week’s game. Adrian finished the game with 3 tackles, 4 quarterback pressures, one resulting in a sack and one resulting in an interception. Let’s not forget his Special teams plays as well, he had an amazing block in the second quarter on a kick return. Hamilton is a guy everyone needs to pay attention too, because he is destined to stay in this league.

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