Raiders offense will get way better with Terrelle Pryor in charge

One thing that has been consistent this pre-season is the fact that every time Terrelle Pryor gets on the field the team is moving in the right direction. He moves them up and down the field using both his speed and scrambling skills to pick up first downs. The Raiders have not a dual threat quarterback in a very long time, and I think that Pryor is going to take this starting spot and never look back.

I talked with several people who train Terrelle and they told me that he is in the best shape of his life. When the Raiders used a draft pick on the Ohio State product a few years, they understood they would have to develop him. Well that time has come, let’s be honest, if they keep Matt Flynn as the starter the Raiders will have the first pick in the draft. The Raiders will succeed better with a scrambling quarterback because of his ability to get out of the pocket. The offensive line is probably better than it has been over the past several years, but it is still not great.

Pryor is able to use his athletic ability to move the ball, and get out of situations which any other quarterback would be taking a loss. With the choice to start Pryor, your going to have some growing pains. Any new quarterback is going to have growing pains, but Pryor understands what it takes to win. He was a very successful quarterback at Ohio State University.

I think Pryor is going to shock people this year, I would not be surprised if he leads them to an 8-8 record. If Pryor starts the Raiders will be way better than expected, TRUST ME.

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