Raiders head coach blasts Terrelle Pryor’s agent; Expect Pryor to fire him soon

Coach Dennis Allen minced no words Tuesday in response to agent Jerome Stanley’s accusation that the Oakland Raiders are setting Terrelle Pryor up for failure by turning back to him as the starting quarterback for the season finale at Denver.

“First is, I’d say that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever frickin’ heard,” Allen said. “This isn’t the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This isn’t made-for-TV drama. This is football.”

While I have to agree with Dennis Allen, it does look like Pryor’s agent does have a valid point.  Pryor will not publicly probably admit it, but deep down inside he probably feel’s like Stanley.  I think Pryor has been given the “rod” so to speak.  Pryor is a way better quarterback than Matt McGloin, and that is proven in his record.  Pryor will have to go up against the Denver Broncos and if he can somehow pull off a victory against the Broncos (which is slim to none), expect Allen to be out as the head coach.

Allen insists the quarterback switch is a “coach’s decision” based on his assessment that Pryor gives the Raiders the “best chance to win” this week.

The Raiders coach then labeled Stanley’s comment “ignorant” and emphasized that this is a time to “separate player from agent.”

I would expect Pryor to continue to distant himself from his agent more and more, and eventually fire Stanley for putting him in this sticky situation.

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