Peyton Manning and the Broncos should win by 10 plus points

I’ve watched every game this year of the Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. I honestly cannot see how the Denver Broncos will lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas City Chiefs have been a great football team this year but have not really played anybody that is a winner.

A matter of fact, The Kansas City Chiefs have not played one team with a winning record this season, and almost lost to Buffalo Bills third string quarterbak Jeff Tuel. They will have to face the Denver Broncos in Milehigh Stadium which be a tough test. The altitude changes things quite a bit for quarterbacks and let’s just be honest the Kansas City Chiefs just have a manager not a quarterback.

If the Denver Broncos can somehow managed to keep The pressure slowed down by using slant routes and draw plays the Chiefs could be in for a long day. I don’t see how the Kansas City Chiefs can beat the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos should win this by 10 points plus.

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