Nothing special about the Bills special teams department; They have to fire Danny Crossman

While I am always one to gripe about Special Teams, I feel I have a good cause. I was a special teams player growing up as a kicker and I have even worked with the Orlando Predators as a kicking assistant for a couple years.  The Buffalo Bills special teams coach Danny Crossman has to be fired.  I am sorry Bills fans, maybe you are not watching the games or you are his family member but this guy is horrible.

First off, let’s look at statistics, because they do not lie.  Last year, Buffalo Bills were coached by Bruce Dehaven, and if you look at the stats, the Bills ranked in the Top 10.  They were solid:












Well when you look at the 2013 rankings the Bills are ranked 31st in the NFL under the weighted column, Remember this is Danny Crossman:


Well let’s not forget that the Bills have not had a Special Teams touchdown this year.  Last year Leodis McKelvin was back on almost every punt return.  This year the Bills put Jim Leonard back on punt returns.  What I honestly do not get is the purpose we drafted T.J. Graham?  Did you know that T.J. Graham was the best punt returner in college football his senior year at NC State?  Instead our team tries to convert him to a #2 receiver, but he jumps everytime the ball is thrown his way.  I am sorry but Buffalo it is time to chop him up as a loss at this point.  Your rookie Marquise Goodwin has better stats and has been thrown to way less this year.

Another big disappointment is the fact that the Buffalo Bills put Marcus Easley back on kick returners with Frank Summers. Honestly, that has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life.  I would put Marquise Goodwin back there with Leodis McKelvin, two dual threat home run hitters that can take it to the house.  Listen, while many of you might think I am just griping or arguing, I can guarantee you that any person could have coached Dan Carpenter with his year, and Brian Moorman who is a veteran, but did you ever notice a sense of urgency or trickery?  No, why is that?  Because your special teams coach has a pea for a brain, it is time to fire this guy.  Shoot reach out to Bruce Dehaven again or look at USC Trojans special teams coach, who was told he would not be retained.  COME ON BUFFALO, the NFL consists of three phases and today you lost because a 300 pound running back had two huge returns.

Do you know that on both the returns, there were 4 players each out of position/their lanes?  Chris Hogan is one that was horrible on both, so when is it enough?

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