Ndamukong Suh says he cannot wait to face the Bears “Golden Boy” Kyle Long again

In the Bears/Lions first meeting Ndamukong Suh abused Kyle Long the Bears first round draft pick. He ate up the Bears for 2 sacks and had five quarterback hurries.  When he was asked if he was ready to go up against Long his response was classic:

“I do,” he said. “That’s their prodigy, their golden boy. That’s the best that they have, and that’s who I want to go against.”

Long was so upset after the game, because he felt he let his team down.  Since that game Long has been very impressive, and is really showing that he can play at this level.  He will have to remember that first game, because after that game he might have had the quote of the year.

“You prepare like you’re trying to stop a train that’s got some momentum,” Long said of Suh after that game, “and that’s what he feels like.”

“He’s a grown man,” Long later added. “That’s a grown man I played against today.”

This week Long will do his best to stop Suh, but it looks like Suh is trying to get him a little pumped by calling him the “Golden Boy”.

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