Nate Burleson says he will not pull an “RG3” and return too early

Today in an interview Nate Burleson told the reporters that he will be back when the doctors allow him too. He understands what he wants to do, but he wants to be safe.

“I’m not going to sit here and pull an RG3 and talkover what is common sense and that’s listen to my coaches and listen to the doctors,” Burleson said. “I want to play and that’s just me being a competitor. That doesn’t mean that my arm is ready to be out there for 60 minutes. I’m going to talk with the coaches, talk with the trainers and talk with the doctors and figure out if this week, next week or the week after is best for me.”

He said that he wants to play, but it is ultimately in the doctor’s hands.  I expect Burleson to be out this week and return next week.  He seemed to kind of duck the question.

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