Michael Vick defends Riley Cooper? Says Cary Williams needs to remain calm

After a nice fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams, were Vick had to step in, he had some words of his own.

“I know after yesterday, Cary understands that we need him on the football field, not to be hot-headed at times,” Vick said Friday, per CSN Philadelphia. “We know he’s a guy who’s very into his work and what we do, and he can’t be high-strung all the time. He’s got to stay even-keel like everybody else, just out of respect for the game more than anything.”

Not hot-headed, I guess that doesn’t sound like an ex-convict, but it is pretty good advice. I thought Vick was going to powerslam Cary Williams after that fight. I guess you could say Vick is taking his teammates side, but remember Vick and Cooper share the same agent, Just Saying.

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