Marshawn Lynch owns the San Francisco 49ers; Must see statistics

Since Marshawn Lynch was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2010, he has owned the San Francisco 49ers.  He currently owns four of their top 7 biggest rushing games since 2010.

Top Rushing Games vs. San Francisco (Since 2010)

Player/Team Yards Season
Ahmad Bradshaw/N.Y. Giants 116 2012 Week 6
Lynch 111 2012 Week 16
Lynch 107 2011 Week 16
Lynch 103 2012 Week 7
Steven Jackson/St. Louis 101 2012 Week 10
Lynch 98 2013 Week 2
Arian Foster/Houston 98 2013 Week 5

Lynch also rushed for 72 yards on 20 carries at San Francisco on Dec. 8, which means he has averaged 98.2 yards rushing against the 49ers in the last five games against them. And Lynch is coming off a 140-yard rushing performance against the Saints in the divisional round.

Since joining the Seahawks, most of Lynch’s carries against the 49ers have been between the guards (51 of 93 carries) for a 5.0-yard average.

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