Mark Sanchez is expected to be released by the New York Jets

There are quite a bit of quarterback hungry teams out there right now, and this could be a blessing for someone. Maybe a team like the Oakland Raiders, who have a couple young guys, because it looks as if Mark Sanchez will be released as well.

According to the New York Daily, Sanchez, whose expensive contract will likely cause the Jets to cut him in the offseason. Idzik didn’t say anything Tuesday to make that seem less likely.

“We’ll get to that in time. He is a Jet. We consider all our guys Jets until we make a decision or something happens that changes that,” Idzik said of the veteran quarterback who had season-ending shoulder surgery in October. “So with Mark — I met with him yesterday as well — our focus is to get him healthy, just as it has been really the entire season and then we’ll take it from there.”


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