Lions tight end hid a concussion that could have cost his team the game

Dorin Dickerson is a very solid football player, but today he made a boneheaded decision.  Dickerson said he believed he was concussed on a special teams play early in the fourth quarter and said he “just got knocked out.”

“Got a little concussion. Should have reported it,” Dickerson said. “Thought I could get through it.”

A Detroit Lions staff member said Dickerson reported the concussion at the 13:46 mark in overtime, after he dropped an open pass and was called for holding on consecutive plays. At that point, he began concussion testing.

“I mean, honestly, probably, after we leave here, I probably won’t remember talking to you guys,” Dickerson said. “I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m just telling the truth. I thought I had a pretty good game up until that play.”

This is probably not the smartest thing for Dickerson to say, but you cannot fault him for being honest. The problem is, he thought he had a good game, but he only had one reception for 8 yards. I just really feel that if he was going to hurt the team then to pull himself out of the game.  He claimed he felt this was his third concussion of the year.  If that is the case, he could be running out of time as a tight end in the NFL.

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