Lions lineman Dominic Raiola continues to talk trash, this time for his teammate Suh

Last week Lions center Dominic Raiola was in the media, but not on the good side of it. Raiola was in the funny papers, after making very offensive comments to the Wisconsin band members.

Well he was at it today again, but this time his enemy was not a tuba player but Instead it was Roger Goodell and the NFL. Raiola’s teammate was fined 31,500 dollars for a hit that would have been legal if it was any other player.

“It’s ridiculous,’’ Raiola said. “The guy is violent, football is a violent game. I don’t think you can ever make hitting somebody soft. It’s ridiculous. I’ve got nothing more to say about it. I saw the play on the sideline, it’s not on purpose, it’s ridiculous.’’

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