Linebacker Chris Borland could require more surgery on his shoulder

According to Bob McGinn of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Chris Borland could watch his stock  drop.  According to a report inside linebacker Chris Borland of Wisconsin is off the draft board of at least one National Football League team because its doctors say his left shoulder would require additional surgery.

Borland was categorized as having flunked his physical, an executive in personnel for the team involved told the Journal Sentinel.

“The issue with his shoulder is that he had a repair and the screw has kind of slid down into the joint,” the executive said. “So there’s a feeling that he’s going to have to have another surgery. It would be his third one.”

NFL teams are categorizing their players right now as we speak in five different categories, and one of those is medical history, while one team failed Chris, another seemed to worry as well, but thought he could be fine.

“Yes, Borland does have concerns with his shoulders, especially the one with the screw, but he is not a fail on our board,” an executive for another NFL team said. “Just a concern. The guy is tough and rarely misses time, but the injuries are a concern because of the position he plays.”

This is not good for the Wisconsin linebacker who has been projected as high as the second round.  If he drops, a team is going to get a steal.  This kid is a gamer.

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