Larry Fitzgerald is Forbes Magazine’s most liked NFL player according to a study; Top 10 List

Well while I cannot disagree that everyone loves Larry Fitzgerald, I have not many people that say they don’t like him.  Fitzgerald has went his entire career catching passes from horrible quarterbacks minus Kurt Warner.  He has never complained and continues to play his hardest.

Well today in a Forbes study, they found out who was rated as the top 10 most liked players in the NFL.  Here is how the list ended:

Larry Fitzgerald – 74 percent liked him

Adrian Peterson – 64 percent liked him

Drew Brees – 62 percent liked him

Aaron Rodgers – 60 percent liked him

Russell Wilson – 59 percent liked him

Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck and RG3 all came in at 58 percent

Troy Polamalu – 57 percent liked him

and Victor Cruz finished out with 56 percent.

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