Kirk Cousins beleives RG3 should be the starter

A few weeks ago, everyone including myself said that Robert Griffin III should be benched in favor of Kirk Cousins. Well Kirk Cousins disagrees.

“It’s a much bigger deal for [Robert Griffin III] to get the reps than for me because he’s the starting quarterback,” Kirk Cousins said. Robert’s a young player, too, and he’s getting better,” Cousins said. “It doesn’t happen overnight. To take him off the field so I can develop, then he’s not developing. It’s a much bigger deal for him to get the reps than for me because he’s the starting quarterback. It sounds nice when you say that but you have to see it from both angles.”

Cousins must sit and wait his turn and it will happen someday. He’s shown enough to warrant a look at some point.

“I believe if I’m good enough I’ll get that chance so I don’t need to force it to happen today or tomorrow,” Cousins said. “It may happen four or five years from now but if it happens it happens. I’ll be patient and wait and if I’m not good enough I’ll have to live with that”

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