Khalil Mack has a sack list that includes Manning, Brady and Bortles

Khalil Mack was an animal in Buffalo and now that the Fort Pierce native is in the NFL, and has an agenda. There are certain players he would like to get a hold of and sack in his career, two he faces this year.

“I think I have a couple guys on my sack list: AFC West resident Peyton Manning, fellow Class of 2014 member Blake Bortles, and I’ve got to put Tom Brady on there,” Mack wrote. “Brady is going to pass the ball more than 36 times a game, so that’s a lot of opportunities for me.”

The Raiders take on the Patriots in Week 3, the Broncos in Week 10 and Week 17. Mack will have to wait for a chance to check Bortles off the list, as the Raiders and Jaguars aren’t scheduled to meet in 2014.

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