Kansas City Chiefs have question marks in their secondary, NOT GOOD

cooperThe Kansas City Chiefs’ secondary is more or less Eric Berry and the Question Marks. The team has Sean Smith who was recently arrested for DUI, and besides him have no one in the secondary. Ron Parker is 26, and Marcus Cooper is 24, and they are currently the projected starters in KC. 

It’s been a week since the Chiefs let Brandon Flowers and his 87 career NFL starts go. The remaining 10 cornerbacks on the roster have 105 starts, combined, under their collective belts, and Smith is responsible for 71 of those.

The Kansas City Chiefs are not in the best spot to be worrying about their secondary now, especially when the teams in their conference have all stacked up.  The Chargers have Philip Rivers, the Broncos attack is ridiculous and the Raiders have a very solid looking group.  It will be interesting to see if Andy Reid keeps his corners the way they are, because if they do they could be in a world of hurt.

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