Kaepernick’s struggles will not get any better this week against Rams

Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers are on a losing streak, and it might not get any better this Thursday in Saint Louis.

Over the past two weeks Colin Kaepernick has only thrown for 277 yards for a lousy 47 percent.  Kaepernick has also thrown 4 interceptions, and 0 touchdowns.

While you might expect Kaepernick to shine on Thursday night football, I would not hold your breathe.  In Kaep’s two games last year against the Rams, he has thrown 0 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, in which the team has lost one game and tied the other.

Kaepernick’s weapons have been horrible over the past two weeks and it will not get better.  The Rams secondary has been decent this year with Janoris Jenkins and Corteland Finnegan.  Kaepernick has struggle with the Rams defense in the past, and I am pretty sure the Rams fans will be ready and loud for a Primetime game.

I am sorry Niner fans, I think the Rams get the victory…..

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