Jets head coach Rex Ryan gets blasted by Hall of Famer Joe Namath

You have to love Joe Namath, because the guy is opinionated.  His words are harsh at times, but usually they are 99 percent true.  I don’t know what Rex Ryan was doing last week when he put his starting quarterback Mark Sanchez in the game, during clean up time.  Rex Ryan seems to be flexing his power, but how much power does the guy have? I think he is starting to lose his organization.  Well today, Joe Namath the former legend let Rexy have it as well:

“You do not put your quarterback in there in that situation, not the guy that is probably going to be your starter behind a makeshift offensive line in a preseason game,” Namath said Tuesday during an interview with the NFL Network. “Come on. There was no rhyme or reasoning to that.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Namath went on to say just admit you were wrong, don’t try to make excuses.  Stephen A. Smith of ESPN even went off on Rex Ryan calling him an “Idiot” and basically said his job is on the line.  So here is my question Jets fans, how much more will the organization take of Rex in New York?

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