Jay Cutler admits his ankle is worse than originally believed

Jay Cutler was talking today to the media and admitted his ankle is worse than originally expected.

“The ankle is the problem. The groin is going to be fine,” Cutler said. “If I just had a normal high-ankle sprain, I wouldn’t be in a cast. I’m searching for any doctor in the country that will say, ‘Hey, you can play on this,’ but we haven’t found him yet. There’s a couple ligaments that we’re a little bit worried about that’s different than a normal high-ankle sprain.”

Cutler targeted a week 13 return against the Vikings, but now he feels that he really does not know if he will play.  The Bears are saying it is week to week but I feel they don’t need him.  The team needs to just keep Josh McCown, and let him play.  The team is rallying around McCown.


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