If you want to stop Cam Newton, you have to rush more than 5 at all times; Mind blowing stats

Cam Newton has been impressive all season, but one thing I really noticed on Sunday was when came dropped back and the Falcons had 5 or more rushing the passer.  When the Falcons did rush 5 or more Cam could not get the job done.

Cam Newton went 2-of-8 against five or more pass rushers Sunday, including 1-of-6 in the first half. Despite the success, the Falcons used such pressure on only 15 percent of his second half drop backs (38 percent in the first half).

Cam Newton by No. of Pass Rushers Sunday

4 or Fewer5 or More
Yds per att6.72.8
Scramble yds3116
*1-6, 3 yards in first half

Cam will get a much needed week off with a bye, but will play the winner of the NFC games.  If Cam has to face against New Orleans expect Rob Ryan to be sending the blitz quite a bit.

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