Grading the Draft: San Diego Chargers edition

verrettSports Ruckus writer Justin Walters has graded the entire AFC West, and while some Chargers fans might not like his grading, he has some very valid points.  Let’s see what the Bolts finished with.

The Chargers definitely overachieved last year based off of the talent on their roster. They grinded and bored teams into submission.  In this draft they suffered from the “Peyton Manning Effect, feeling like you have to grab a corner and a pass rusher.  They grabbed two quality players at those spots who should start.
 The Chargers are just a solid “boring” team, but that works for them. The rest of their draft was pretty average. Which is what they will be this season.

Jason Verrett CB
Jeremiah Attaochu OLB
Chris Watt G
Ryan Carrethers DT
Marion Grice RB
Tevin Reese WR

Verrett is the best slot CB in the draft  and if he was taller may have gone in the top 15

Attaochu needs some work, but has the tools to contribute as a pass rusher

Watt isn’t special, but he finds a way to get the job done

Reese is a deep threat who can fly but needs to put some weight on but he is definitely a sleeper

FINAL GRADE: San Diego Chargers – C+

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