Geno Smith has been horrible this year, Here is proof Jets fans

The NFL is turning into a football analytics league, meaning teams are putting a lot of faith in statistics than they are in the scouting eye.  Well the Jets have one of the best football analytic people in football in John Idzik, but did he make a mistake with Geno Smith?

I know it is only his first year, and shoot if we were to go back at look at Peyton Manning’s first year we would be in shock as well. Geno has been off an on this year quite a bit, actually if you look at the Jets as a team they have been off and on as well.  They are the first team to go 10 straight games winning one week and losing the next week.

While some people feel Geno has been great every other week I would like to show you his grades from Pro Football Focus over the last weeks.  Geno has only had 2 great weeks, and his best week ever came against a Bills team that was banged up and playing 3rd string cornerbacks and didn’t have Jairus Byrd.  Just a heads up Geno has not been good, look for yourself.


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