FSU’s DT Timmy Jernigan says it doesn’t matter he had a diluted test

Timmy Jernigan was projected as a top 20 pick before the news came out this week that he had a failed drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.  Well according to Timmy himself, the test was diluted and not a failed test.  A matter of fact, this is his post from Facebook. 

Theres a huge difference between negative and dilute…I had to get iv’s and drink alot of water the week leading up to the draft due to cramping…….my oldest brother sat in the doctors office with me….NFL teams no what happened . …my brother no what happened so that’s all that matter…I’m glad this happen cause I know exactly in my corner……on Thursday I will still get drafted …I’ll see you on Sunday

It seems like at least one NFL prospect will be cleared from his drug test. 

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