Former Packer WR Jeremy Ross said “It sucked to be cut by the Packers, but it felt good to score on them”

Thanksgiving,  was a chance former Packer Jeremy Ross would be able to see old friends and former teammates, but he admitted it was hard to be cut by his old team.

“It sucked to be cut,” Ross said. “But I was just more upset that I was leaving relationships there. It was unfortunate. First thing I looked at was myself, see which ways I could prevent it, but, you know, try to bounce back.”

Ross played three offensive snaps. He got the ball on two of them, running a 24-yard reverse in the second quarter that was essentially all him. He made a Green Bay player miss in the backfield and then cut upfield for a big gain.

Then he caught a 5-yard touchdown on a slant route later in the second quarter to tie the game at 10-10 for his first career touchdown reception.

“It’s like, man, given the circumstances, it did feel good,” Ross said. “Like man, this is cool, you know. I got some boys I know over there. It just felt good to play against some people you know and score against them.

Jeremy Ross has been a great player so far for the Lions, and he was  major factor in putting up the 40-burger on the Pack.

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