Five teams that I think should call Tampa Bay for Josh Freeman

Well now that it is official, and Josh Freeman is on the trade block, I feel there are several teams that could benefit from a trade.  Some of the teams need help at quarterback right now, while some could have a very solid veteran on their roster. Here are five teams that I think could benefit from a Josh Freeman trade.

Carolina Panthers – When you look at their current situation we understand that Cam is the man in town, but why not have  a guy on the roster that is similar and has been in the league a few more years.  Freeman could come in right away and help Cam get a better read on defenses.  I think this would be a great fit.

Chicago Bears – Again, Jay Cutler is the man but if he gets hurt his back up is journeyman Josh McCown.  If you have a player like Josh Freeman who could benefit from the Chicago Bears high powered offense, Freeman could shine.  I think for a late round pick the Bears would be crazy not to explore this option.

New York Jets – Geno Smith has been shaky and their back-ups are Brady Quinn and Matt Simms. They could easily get a better player when it comes down to it.  Freeman could go to New York and start right now.  I think Freeman is better than all three players on their current roster.

Minnesota Vikings – With Christian Ponder injured and Matt Cassell playing pretty well, Freeman could be an insurance policy to help Leslie Frazier get through the year.  I think that Freeman is better than both of the quarterbacks on the roster and could be an immediate upgrade.

Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan is the man in Atlanta but if he happens to get hurt, his quarterback is Dominique Davis.  Davis was a standout at Boston College, before transferring to East Carolina and terrorizing the division.  Well Freeman has a strong arm and could be dangerous with Roddy White, Julio Jones, Harry Douglas and Tony Gonzalez.

At this point, what will it cost to trade for Josh Freeman?  A mid round pick?  I would jump on that trade right now.  I would make him restructure his deal and lock him into a new, cheaper deal.  You would get a solid back-up right now.  When you evaluate talent you have to try to get better talent every day.  That is what will make a team successful.

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