E.J. Manuel on pace to start week 1 vs. Patriots

Today when Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone has his press conference he shocked the Bills nation and the entire world with his answer on his quarterback situation.

Marrone stated “Right now we’re planning on Jeff Tuel playing the first game and we’re working with EJ to get back as quickly as possible,” said Marrone Monday. “Meaning New England. Right now that’s how we’re going about planning on doing it until we know more about where EJ is.”

If Jeff Tuel was the starter it would be the first time since a merger that an undrafted free agent started the first game of the season. Well fans, let go of the panic button.

According to sources very close to E.J. Manuel, I am being told, he is on pace to play week 1.

@DraftDiamonds: I just talked to a source very close to E.J. Manuel #BillsMafia and was told not to panic. Manuel is on pace to be ready for week 1.

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