Do you like Fantasy Football? Play our Week 9 #FF Challenge for a $40 gift card to New Era


We have joined up with @PoundFF to run a weekly Fantasy Football Challenge for all our followers and readers.  Since we know you are diehard football fans, we assume you would love to win a 40 dollar gift card to New Era Hat Company. Well it is simple, it is free and it is a shame if you don’t sign up for the contest.

All you have to do is pick a Quafterback, 2 Running Backs, 2 Wide Receivers, a Tight End, a Defense and a Kicker.  If you have the highest point total at the end of the week, you are the winner.  Pretty simple, that is it.

Here are how the Points work for the contest:

For Game: Fantasy Fooball
25 Passing Yds 1
Passing TD 4
Int Thrown -1
10 Rush/Rec Yds 1
Rush/Rec TD 6
2PT Conv 2
Fumble lost -2
Field Goal 1/3/4/5

You can sign using either a twitter or Facebook account.  I want to spread the word, so please help us out.  Make sure you follow us on twitter @PoundFF and @DraftDiamonds.

I honestly want to get every person I can to sign up for the contest.  Help us spread the word.  RT this and Share it on Facebook.  Let’s break the record for most voters on for a single contest?  Who is with me? Spread the word, let’s go it is free.

Here is the link to our Page,  just click on it, sign in

If you don’t wear hats, someone you know that has a birthday or needs a Christmas present does.  This is a huge prize, HELP US OUT.

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