Could the Detroit Lions add Mike Evans opposite of Megatron?

Could you imagine Texas A&M’s Mike Evans and Calvin Johnson opposite one another?  WOW, it might be one of the best big receiving cores in the game, behind Alshon Jeffery and Brandon Marshall.  If Detroit can somehow land a big wide out opposite Megatron it will definitely make Matthew Stafford’s job easier.  When new QB coach Joe Lombardi was asked about getting Megatron help he responded he will be looking for someone.

“I’d like big and fast,” Lombardi said. “But, listen, if I was going to give a stock answer, I know what Calvin can do, how he can stretch the field, what his strengths are. I don’t really know what his weaknesses are right now, but, I’m sure, maybe there’s something.

“So you would say, ‘Well, someone to work underneath.’ You know, that would be an easy answer, but if that guy exists and there’s someone better that maybe does a little something, I’d rather have the better guy.”

It will be interesting to see what the Lions do, but it looks as of right now they will be at least looking long and hard at the wide receiver position early.

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