David Wilson will tear it up this week against the Chiefs

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason I feel David Wilson is a must start in Fantasy Football.  David Wilson has had issues this year, but this week against the Chiefs should be interesting.  I have a feeling that Wilson will go over a 100 yards this week against the Chiefs.

Wilson has the speed to get to the outside and take it to the house, but he has been limited to the outside because of teams stacking the box on Eli.  Well this week the New York Giants signed a TRUE fullback in John Conner.  Conner is an amazing blocking back, who can also catch the ball out the backfield and hurt you.  I think with Conner in the game, who is HUGE the holes will open up.  If David Wilson can stay close behind Conner, it could get ugly for the Chiefs.

I am calling it folks, the Giants will get their first win this week against the undefeated Chiefs.

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