Dan’s Diamonds: Tevin Reese



Name: Tevin Reese

School: Baylor

No.: 16

Ht.: 5’10’’        Wt.: 170

Pos: WR

Year: Senior

Game Notes:

(2011) vs. Missouri

Reese was asked to block the edge on sweeps for a few plays, which he blocked very poorly. Reese failed to engage the defender, which allowed the defender to get to ball carrier. Reese ran 3 Go routes. 1 was a bad drop by Reese, 1 was an overthrow from RG3, which would have been a 60 yd TD, and the 3rd was a 68 yd TD. Reese nearly dropped the TD, juggling the ball for 10 yds before securing the score. In all of the routes, Reese had beaten his man badly, showcasing his impressive speed and demonstrating his ability to switch gears. Reese also ran a slant, a hitch, and 2 screens. Additionally, Reese ran a reverse for a 10 yard gain. Overall, Reese’s hands were below average this game.


(2011) vs. Kansas State

Reese’s had very good hands this game. I counted 2 screens, 3 Go routes, and a Hitch route. Reese also had blocking duty for RG3 on a reverse option, in which he sealed the edge for Robert Griffin III to cut up field. In his screens, Reese caught the ball with his hands, and demonstrated a great ability to accelerate to the LOS very quickly. Although I felt that Reese rather struggled to change direction, he still managed to elude a defender on a screen. Reese had great hands on his hitch and should have scored a TD on 2 of his 3 Go routes, but RG3 over threw him. Reese caught a midrange pass and a 42 yd TD on his other 2 Go routes. Again, Reese beat the defenders all day.




(2012) West Virginia

Reese ran 11 slant routes, 5 Go routes, a screen, an in route, and an abbreviated out route. Reese ran several double moves on his Go routes, including a very effective Stop-and-Go route, where he got great YAC. He did, however, double clutch the catch. Reese did manage a 65 Yd TD pass from the result of a great play call, where he was left uncovered in the pre-snap, then burned the defender assigned to him. Reese also drew a pass interference call when the defender he beat wrapped around him to prevent a big reception. Reese’s excessive amount of slant routes paved the way for his success with the double moves. All of the double move routes were executed crisply. Reese did give up an interception when a ball over the middle tipped off of his out stretched hands, but demonstrated additional explosiveness with his impressive leap for the ball. Reese did look lazy in some of his slants, not finishing them with the same speed from which he started, but eventually cleaned that up. Reese definitely looked to avoid contact in his short routes, diving in front of defenders instead of trying to run through them. Reese’s hands were below average this game, but are definitely influenced with the inconsistent ball placement of QB Nick Florence.


(2012) vs. Kansas State

Reese ran 5 Hitch routes, 3 Go routes, 2 out routes, and 1 in route. Reese demonstrated good hands on his hitch routes, but is definitely displaying a pattern of avoiding contact by diving in front of defenders. Reese earned a 38 yd TD on his first Go route early in the first quarter, which was a very well run double move with very quick breaks. The ball was low, and caught with appropriate form. The second Go route was a bad pick by Florence and the 3rd was knocked out of his hand, but would have been a good hands catch. Reese did fumble the ball gaining YAC on a hitch route. Overall, Reese had a good day with his hands.


(2012) vs. UCLA

This was a very balanced game for Reese: 2 Hitches, 2 Go’s, 2 Slants, 2 reverses, and 1 in route. The reverses involved additional trickery outside the simple reverse. The first was a fake reverse to Reese and the second involve a Play action to the RB before being tossed to Reese. Both were not overly successful. Reese’s only target on a Go route resulted in a 75 yd TD, which was a hands catch.



2010: 45 Rec’s, 401 yds, 0 TD’s, 1 reception for +25 yds

2011: 51 Rec’s, 877 yds, 7 TD’s, 13 receptions for +25 yds, 4 games w/ 100+ rec yds

2012: 53 Rec’s, 957 yds, 9 TD’s, 12 receptions for +25 yds, 3 games w/ 100+ rec yds

The Temple, Texas native’s best game in 2012 was in a close game at Louisiana-Monroe in which he hauled in 8 catches for 145 yards and 2 TD’s in a win. This year, Reese is on the Biletnikoff Award watch list and was named to the Preseason First Team All Big-12 by Sporting News, USA Today, and Lindy’s Sports.


Count me in as a big fan of  Baylor wideout Tevin Reese. His speed is elite and his production has been very, very consistent over the last 2 years. His ability to switch gears and blow the tops off defenses is highly sought after in NFL. His 40 yard dash is expected to be in the sub 4.4 realm. The only concerns I have for him is his tendency to avoid contact, but, given his role and size, may not be that huge of a deterrent for his game. With all of the concussion concern surrounding smaller players, teams are certain to alter their game plans to halt that disturbing trend. Although people may write Reese off as being a one dimensional vertical threat, Reese did not simply run straight during his time at Baylor. The Baylor offense called on Reese to run slants, hitches, and screens to take advantage of his speed as an extension of the run game, in addition to set up his Go routes. Reese has demonstrated great improvement in route running, open field agility, blocking, and catching during the last 2 years at Baylor and I anticipate him to further improve in his senior year as the team’s marquee receiver. Although he has not received any reps in the return game, that role could expand this year. For now, I have Reese slotted as mid-day 2 slot receiver prospect, with his stock on this rise.

Games to Watch:
  • 10/5/13 vs West Virginia
  • 11/7/13 vs Oklahoma (Aaron Colvin)
  • 11/30/13 @ TCU (Jason Verrett)
  • 12/7/13 vs Texas



special thanks to @AaronAloysius (2011 vid) and @DCheeseB (2012 vid)  for the cut ups

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