Could the Dallas Cowboys look to trade for a quarterback like Ryan Mallett?

The Dallas Cowboys could be looking for a new quarterback soon, especially with Kyle Orton retiring from football.  If that is the case, the Cowboys could look to trade for a veteran quarterback.  There are not many options out there, some are Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel and Ryan Mallett.  Mallett is a guy that I would not sleep on.  I could see him being more expendable after the preseason. 

Mallett has been connected to the Texans and former offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien since early March, with speculation growing especially feverish during draft weekend, but one team I could see wanting to pick him up is the Cowboys.  If something happens to Tony Romo the team would be forced to play Brandon Weeden.  We all know that is not a smart move. 

Patriots coach Bill Belichick recently insisted he’s not that interested in dealing Mallett, which is another way of inviting prospective suitors to raise their offers. If second-round pick Jimmy Garoppolo looks ready for prime time in training camp, a Mallett trade remains possible.

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