The Cowboys could create quite a bit of money after restructuring some deals

PlayerBaseVs. Cap
Tony Romo$13.5$21.7
DeMarcus Ware$12.25$16
Brandon Carr$7.5$12.2
Jason Witten$5$8.412
Miles Austin$5.5$8.249
Sean Lee$5.5$7.5
Orlando Scandrick$4.5$6.601
Doug Free$3.5$6.520
Morris Claiborne$1.86$4.435
Kyle Orton$3.25$4.377

The Cowboys will restructure the deals of Romo, Carr, Witten and Lee to create cap space. The Cowboys are nearly $25 million over the 2014 salary cap and getting under it shouldn’t be a problem. Ware is another player the Cowboys could restructure. However, the team could ask Ware to take a pay cut, something he said he wouldn’t do. The Cowboys can easily save some this year and be able to spend some money in free agency. Expect the Boys to target a cornerback. 

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