Could you imagine what the Raiders record would be with Jon Gruden?

If Jon Gruden was the head coach of the Oakland Raiders right now this year instead of Dennis Allen, what would their team do?

While you have to give Dennis Allen a lot of credit to squeeze out even a few wins since his start with the Raiders, I don’t feel he is the right guy to get them where they need to.

Gruden on the other hand is an aggressive play caller who gets the most out of his players. Matt Schaub will need a coach that can help he gain confidence. The minute he slips back into decline, he will need someone to bail him out. I am not sure Dennis Allen will be that guy.

The Raiders have added some amazing depth and leadership on their defense which last year was ran by Charles Woodson alone. This year the Raiders brought in Justin Tuck, LaMarr Woodley, and several other very solid defensive players. With veterans now at each level that have won a Super Bowl, they would shine in a Gruden defense.

I hope Dennis Allen will be able to get the team right, but feel his time is running out. This same team could take a coach like Jon Gruden and automatically be playoff contenders.

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