Could Da’Rick Rogers get cut by the Bills? I don’t think it happens

I have been listening to my fellow Bills fans and media for the past couple days talking about Wide Receiver Da’Rick Rogers. This is why I believe the Bills will not cut Rogers.

Rogers is a very amazing talent, who was a top wide out at the University of Tennessee. Rogers biggest problem was “Mary Jane”, during his college years at Tenneessee, weed caused him quite a bit of problems long term. It ultimately cost Rogers a shot at playing last season with Tyler Bray and company. Instead he had to travel to Tennessee Tech and play in the OVC.

After a ten touchdown season for Tech, where Da’Rick was a class act per his coaches, Rogers showed improvement off the field and had no reports of drug use or behavior problems. The OVC teams defending Rogers knew what they had in front of them, and always had double coverage on Rogers by playing a safety over the top on almost every play. He still made huge grabs and showed his talents.

After the draft, do you know who the Bills were on the phone with first? Yep, you guessed it, Da’Rick Rogers. The signing bonus money never did come out, why is that? I will tell you, when teams call these players they are in a bidding war, or offering out stuff to intrigue the players/agents to sign with them. The Teams only have 75,000 dollars to give out for signing bonuses, for all their undrafted free agents. Which is when a team will usually offer out better things, such as playing time, roster spots and so forth. I think deep down inside if there were 15 teams calling Rogers the Bills told him that he would have a spot if he came to Buffalo (I could be wrong), but cannot see why Rogers would chose Buffalo over 14 other teams. The deal had to be intriguing.

The Bills have seen this before, the preseason comes, And guess who shows up MARCUS EASLEY. If there was a Pro-Bowl for preseason guys he would be a three year pro bowler. Well you heard it right, 3 years. The Bills have kicked the tires on this guy long enough. He has had two major injuries ending his season and is another injury away from being out this league. I don’t think he survives another roster cut.

Next is Chris Hogan, the Monmouth product. Listen I understand he has had a great camp and preseason and that is awesome, but he has been cut from several teams before. He can easily be put on a practice squad and forgotten about. Rogers on the other hand will be scooped up so fast it will be crazy.

Another wide receiver fighting for a spot is Brad Smith. Brad was a Chan Gailey guy, these are new coaches. I don’t care if Buffalo made him take a pay cut or not, if they don’t want you they will cut you. A perfect example of this is Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Mark Anderson. This is a business, and yes while Smith helps you in Special Teams, it is not a guarantee he makes this roster, especially with Flash Goodwin taking over Smith’s role.

Because of the Bills Youth at the position I think Smith has a good shot at staying, but I would not guarantee it. I think the Bills have some great wide outs, but the question is how many wide outs will they keep?

The answer to me is keep one extra and have two practice squad guys. This way in case of injury you have solid back-ups. You are very young at the position and need to keep at least 6 wide outs.

Here is who i keep:

Stevie Johnson, Robert Woods, T.J. Graham, Marquise Goodwin, Da’Rick Rogers and Brad Smith.

Lastly I try to keep both Brandon Kaufman and Chris Hogan on the Practice squad. Bills will need depth and the only real player getting cut here is former draft pick Marcus Easley, who has given you nothing in the years he has been in the league, except an amazing pre-season performances.

Why would you give up on a guy like Da’Rick Rogers who has been in Buffalo for only a few months, but your fighting to keep a guy on the team who has been on the roster for the past three years and giving you nothing?

The talent that Rogers has is unteachable, (Size, Speed, and Hands) but he is injury free and younger. He is a taller receiver, but will need to be groomed. Do you remember Stevie Johnson his rookie year? He needed time too, how did that turn out?


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